I have been with Diamond Fitness for quite some time now and thought I would have been done and gone a longtime ago - due to other things going on in my busy life’s schedule (moving, building a home, new employment location, kids, etc) but Tom is very flexible with his scheduling.

I also joined in on the arms challenge of fall 2016 and was very happy with my results in physical growth (14" guns all day)! No more hiding under long sleeves. Other than the physical growth, looking in the mirror achievements, and personally pushing myself to go to the gym, I feel great -- I am de-stressed after each workout with a great attitude and high energy levels.

After 4 years I have seen this is not another local gym, this is THE GYM. I’m not just another client; I am part of the Diamond Fitness family.

Thanks again Diamond Fitness, I am looking forward to the new physical changes and challenges in 2017!