Lisa Hopkins Edmonton Alberta


I have known Tom and his family for many years. I am in the Canadian Forces, I work-out 5 days but was finding that my routine was getting dull and boring. I either ran or did the same exercises day after day and I didn’t have the excitement of wanting to go to the gym. About a year ago while I was still living in Ontario, I reached out to Tom through his FaceBook page "Diamond Fitness Personal Training" to inquire about the Long Distance Training and how the program worked.

I meet with Tom, we discussed about what I needed and wanted with regards to a work-out program. He listens, and each month I get a new and different monthly work-out program. He ensures that once he sends the program that you understand each of the exercises and if you aren’t sure he will either send a quick video of him doing the exercise or explain it via a text. Even though I am now 4 provinces away he still makes sure I understand so that I can get the most out of my programs.

I have gained the excitement again to work-out, to try harder and push myself so that I feel and look better and so that I can perform my job better.

I highly recommend that if you are looking for new exciting work-outs be it long-distance or in the Simcoe Ontario area contact Tom, speak with him and you will see how passionate he is about fitness and the life style.

Thank you Tom!

Helen from Simcoe wrote:

Tom is an excellent trainer. He is patient and will gladly modify routines for his clients. I had a previous shoulder injury and low back issues and he always has exercises and stretches that would benefit me.

The routines are always different and I never know what he has in store for me when I get there! I always feel challenged during my hour and would be encouraged to push ahead.

Depending on weather, we can do indoor exercise or outdoor. A trail runs behind his home and I loved that we could do our routine outdoors. Lugging tires on a trail is quite the challenge and work out!

I have trained with Tom for the past year and was a previous client from 2014.

I have really seen an improvement in my stamina, clarity and well being. I look good and feel good.

I highly recommend Tom as a personal fitness trainer.